A Cup of Your Sugar TS II 2013 After Midnight JV V+1 2008 After the Rain WZ IV+2 2018 Ain’t We Got Fun TS II 2009 Ain’t We Got Fun II TS II+1 2008 Alley Cat TS III+2 1997 Always TS II 2011 American Boogie TS/SS III 2000 And I Love Her RB V+2+2 2015 And Then You’re Gone TG IV 2011 Around the World WZ III+1 2011 Baby It’s Cold Outside FX/JV V+1 2007 Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance CH III+1 2017 Baby You’ve Got What it Takes JV III+1 2010 Barefootin’ TS II+U 2010 Boogie Shoes CH/JV IV+1 1996 Call Me Irresponsible FX/JV IV+2+1 2015 Chattanooga Choo Choo TS II 2015 Come Back to Me TS II+1 2011 Come Dance With Me TS II 2009 Come On Strong FX V 2011 Dance With Me TG IV+1 2010 Dance With Somebody CH IV 2008 Diamonds QS IV+1 2002 Do the Mambo MB IV+1 2005 Donde EstasYolanda MB IV 2011 Don’t Get Around Much FX/JV IV 2012 Entre Dos Amores RB IV+1+2 2010 Fallin’ STS IV+1+1 2013 Fantastico CH III+1 2011 For a Little While WZ IV+2 1978 For Sentimental Reasons FT V 2017 For Ever and Ever TS II 1987 Gardenia Tango ** TG IV+1 2002 Girl in Your Arms WZ II+1 2012 GreenWaves WZ II+1+1 2013 Hallelujah BO IV+1 2016 Heartbreak Hotel WC IV+0+1 2018 Have Feet Will Dance TS II 2010 Hello CH III 2011 Hit the Road Jack TS II+1 2014 Honey TS II+1 2015 Honey Hush JV III+1 2018 Hooray and Hallelujah TS/SS III+U 2010 Hot Merengue MR IV+ 2000 How Many Words WZ IV+1 2015 How Sweet It Is JV III+1+1 2012 I Can Love You Like That RB V+1+1 2010 I Done Wrong JV V+1+1 2018 I’ll Have What She’s Having TS II 2011 I Could Write a Book FX/JV IV 2012 I See It Now WZ II+1+1 2018 I Want a Love That Will Last BO IV 2008 I Wish You Love RB IV+1 2018 In the Mood TS II 2011 Is You Is My Baby QS III+2 2011 It Doesn’t Take Very Long TS II+1 2015 Jeepers Creepers TS II 2012 Keep On Lovin’ You STS IV 2011 Lady Lay Down WZ II+1 2014 Let Me LoveYou Tonight RB III 2016 Let’s Face The Music and Dance QS/TS IV 2011 Like She’s Not Yours CH III+0+1 2012 Lilly MB III+1 2014 Lipstick on Your Collar TS II 2016 Lost in the 50’s TS/STS IV 2000 Lover’s Question TS II 1978 Lulluby for You WZ III+2 2014 Mama JV III+1 2016 Masquerade RB IV+2 2012 Men TS II 2016 Mercy CH V+0+3 2016 Mickey’s House TS II+1 2008 Midnight Man JV IV+2+1 2015 Mrs You FX/JV IV+2 2011 Music is My Woman CH III 1978 My Heart is Lost to You CH/RB III 2012 Nice & Easy FX/JV III+1 2012 Night of Love RB III 2012 Night of Mysteries WZ IV-B+1 2017 Neville’s Waltz WZ IV 2009 O Tu O Ninguna BO V+2 2009 On the Street Where You Live FX IV 2011 On the Sunny Side of the Street FX/JV V 2010 Once In a While FX III 2010 One Mississippi TS II 2017 One More Time RB V+2 2016 Over the Rainbow BO IV 2014 Paper Kisses TS II 2011 Penny Arcade TS/JV II 1978 Please Please TS/SS III 2012 Pretty Green Eyes RB IV 2011 Put a Little Love in Your Heart CH IV+1 2009 Puttin’ on the Ritz TS II 2018 Quizas III RB/CH III 2013 Rock & Roll Waltz WZ II 2012 Roll Back the Rug and Dance TS/SS III+2 2010 Romantic Dream WZ IV+1 2013 See You Again RB V+2 2017 Send in the Clowns WZ IV 2017 Shake Me Easy WZ II 1977 Sh-Boom ** TS II 1999 Show Me the Way II TS II+1 2012 Show Me the Way FX/JV III+1 2013 Signed, Sealed, Delivered CH III+1 2009 Silence WZ III 2014 Since I Fell For You STS IV+1+1 2011 Smiling Through WZ V+0+1 2012 Somebody Else’s Moon WZ II+1 2012 S’Posin’ FX III 2010 Stars Fell On Alabama FX/JV IV 2014 Steppin; Out JV V 2018 Stuck Like Glue TS II 2018 Sugar CH IV+1 2016 Sunrise Sunset WZ IV 2010 Sway RB III+1 2011 Sweet Nothins’ JV IV+2 1994 Sweet Sweet Smile TS II 1978 Swing Tango TG/SS/TS III+2 2008 Take a Chance FX/JV IV+2 2008 Tell Me Goodbye STS IV 1997 Tennessee Waltz WZ II 2011 That’s How It Goes FX IV 2014 Trickle Trickle TS II+1 1995 Trouble JV V 2016 Trust In Me TG III+1 2016 Twistin’ the Night Away TS II+1+1 2013 Two Steppen’ Texas Blues TS II 2014 Until Tonight RB V+1 2016 Vento Caldo WZ IV 2012 Walkin’ and Talkin’ JV III+2 1998 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home FX/JV III 2012 What a Difference a Day Makes RB III+1 2010 What a Wonderful World TS I+2 2018 When Forever Has Gone WZ V+0+1 2013 Wives and Lovers WZ III+2 2009 Wonderful Tonight RB V 2012 Write My Number TS II 2012 Years Have Passed BO IV+0+2 2013 You Are My Lucky Star FX III+2 2010 You Know Where I Am TS II 2014 Your Man CH IV 2015
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